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Stud Muffins

It breaks my heart to have to tell our followers this, but Captain left us recently. His body was riddled with Lymphoma and i made the difficult decision to give him the gift of peace. He has been such a blessing to me, my family, and the entire Great Dane community. He has gorgeous babies all over the country and his legacy will live on through them. He was a once in a lifetime dog and is so very missed.

RIP Captain


Diesel is our home grown boy, produced right here! He's from Litter D from Esby x Ducati so he has a very impressive full European pedigree. He's a blue brindle that carries harlequin. Diesel will be completing health testing soon and is open to approved females. he had an injury as a puppy that resulted in the removal of his eye, but that hasn't slowed him down one bit! Hr's just a little more cautious with tree branches now! Diesel is pictured at 8 months old, i will get updated pics soon. He is a giant love bug and is as sweet and clumsy as they come! Shipped semen is available. Contact us for more info!

Savage Beasts
Ignite The Fuel

Sicario is our up and coming full European blue harlequin boy that carries tan point! He is from Birdie x Lincoln and is sure to be a looker! So excited about this gorgeous boy's future. He was produced here at Savage Beasts!


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